Freeze-Free Garden Package

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One of the various garden packages we offer here at John Madison Landscape is called the “Freeze-Free” Garden Package. After the many freezes we had this past winter, we had many customers calling and asking what plants they could put in their yard that were a little more cold-hardy. This garden package entails just that, all for just $1,200. Take a look at just why these plants will work for the winter time!

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  • Indian Hawthorn’s may be kept outside during winter months. They may grow as high as 3 feet, flowering in late winter and spring.
  • Liriope remain green in the winter, as long as temperatures do not drop below or remain under 10 F, which they rarely do in Central Florida! After the winter, like in March, they can be pruned about 4-5 inches to invigorate growth and remove any winter damage.
  • Camellias don’t sustain damage from winter freezes as long as it never gets below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. To help protect your tree, you can cloak it with frost wrap or cloth sheets to provide some temporary insulation on coldest nights.
  • Viburnums are one of the most versatile shrubs. In general, viburnums are not terribly particular about where they grow. In addition, the best viburnums also offer lovely and sometimes fragrant flowers.

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  • Pittosporum Variegated are remarkably tough. Come the spring, watch out for new growth, and if the tops are damaged, cut them back to good growth (April/May time, to be safe), and they’ll soon be good as new.
  • Azaleas are a cold-hardy plant, but winter injury can occur in the form of frozen flower buds, which usually then turn brown. Fortunately, this usually happens with no damage to the plant other than a lack of bloom in the spring.
  • A Ligustrum Tree is an attractive and tough tree that requires little care. It is evergreen, hardy, and produces white flowers in the late spring.

If you are interested in these garden packages or have any other questions, feel free to fill out the “Ask a Designer” form on our website or call us at 407-935-9151.