Moths in the Lawn

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Notice any little white moths flying around your grass? Does you lawn look like it’s being grazed on by a heard of sheep? Congratulations! You have sod webworm, yet another one of those annoying pests that invade Florida lawns this time of year. The moths themselves do NOT chew on the grass and they are […]

Add Some Color to your Spring!

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Well, it appears that in Central Florida our winter is coming to an end. The time between the end of winter and early spring is an important transitional period for your plants. You may think that the word ‘transitional’ means that your plants might not be at their best right now but, for some plants, […]

Freeze-Free Garden Package

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One of the various garden packages we offer here at John Madison Landscape is called the “Freeze-Free” Garden Package. After the many freezes we had this past winter, we had many customers calling and asking what plants they could put in their yard that were a little more cold-hardy. This garden package entails just that, […]