Spring Is Here!

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Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Yesterday was the first official day of Spring 2017. So many wonderful views are to come about as seasons change and landscapes flourish! Spring is a time of new beginnings. You might have spring clean up on your to-do list. Even a complete renovation might be an option […]

Fall / Winter Gardens

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Roses and Poinsettias are great flowers to plant for the season and will bring a life of color to your landscape when they begin to bloom. Within the next few months plant all the herbs, vegetables, and annuals you want. As long as you can keep up with the maintenance, it is the perfect time […]

Growing Children

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Some researchers will agree that it is very important for children to interact with plants and nature. The common trend found in these studies is that children are less hyperactive, more focused, more creative and more cooperative at play. So, find a few extra shovels, tell the kids it’s OK to get dirty, and they may […]

Why we use Asktheseal.com

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 Why we use Asktheseal.com: At John Madison Landscape, we know how difficult it can be to choose a landscape designer/contractor. We understand that price is usually a major factor in that decision but we would like to encourage you to also factor in your own SAFETY. Here at John Madison Landscape, we use Ask The […]

Sod Alternatives: Make Your Lawn Stand Out!

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Are you tired of maintaining your lawn? Do you spend time and money fertilizing your lawn in the winter, trying to keep it green? If so, then you should consider alternatives to grass lawns. These alternatives can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend trying to maintain your lawn, while cutting back on water […]

Hardscape Solutions

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As the month of November quickly comes to an end, you are probably noticing the change in the weather and looking for excuses to spend time out of doors.  In Florida, the weather affords us the opportunity to use our outdoor patio space year-round.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, maybe you are looking for […]

Fall Vegetable Gardens

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This time next week you will most likely be gathered around the table with your family and friends preparing to consume your Thanksgiving feast. Maybe you will be the chef next week, spending time in the kitchen cooking the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. As you prepare the food next week, consider growing your own […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions

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With daylight savings time ending this weekend, you may be wondering how you and your family will spend time outside with the sun setting so early. The solution to your problem could be landscape lighting. Adding lighting to an exterior space not only increases the amount of time you can enjoy it; but, it also […]

Pops of color in your summer landscape

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In addition to adding plants to your yard or garden that will hold up through the summer months, there is also an interest in adding colorful flowers and plants that will make your lawn “pop.” A touch of color can go a long way in your yard without spending a ton of money. You’ll get […]

Activities to do Outdoors

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Now that Central Florida is finally beginning to see signs of autumn, many people are excited about the beautiful weather that is upon us. It’s the perfect temperature to do outdoorsy things, and if you are running out of ideas, or don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, John Madison Landscape has put […]