From The Owner

Landscape design has been a passion of mine since I first started cutting lawns when I was 14 years old. I would always find it so enjoyable to work outside with my hands creating beautiful gardens. That interest then grew into creating ‘outdoor rooms,’ which I feel John Madison Landscape excels in doing. We want to transform a boring lawn into an entertaining space for friends and family to enjoy. We love being a part of creating memories that would not have been possible without a great space to create those memories in.
Not only do we create amazing curb appeal and outdoor rooms, but we consider anyone who hires John Madison Landscape part of our amazing JML Family. We make sure to treat every client with the best customer service they have ever had. Customer service is one of the most important parts of John Madison Landscape. That is why I put my name on everything we do. I take every project personally and make sure that we deliver everything we promised to every customer.
I also have a strong belief that at John Madison Landscape there are no employees, only partners. It takes every person in the company for us to be successful. Creating an environment like ours allows us to hire the best talent in the industry. No one wants to be just a number, so when I started this company, I made sure that anyone that we hired would not be a number or feel as though they are one. That is one reason I feel that we have a long retention rate.
I love hearing from our customers, “It is so much nicer than I could have ever imagined” or, “How good is this?” which is now our new slogan. These are the kind of remarks that we never get tired of hearing, and be assured that if you hire John Madison Landscape, you will be saying the same thing. I put my name on it.