Sod Alternatives: Make Your Lawn Stand Out!

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Are you tired of maintaining your lawn? Do you spend time and money fertilizing your lawn in the winter, trying to keep it green? If so, then you should consider alternatives to grass lawns. These alternatives can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend trying to maintain your lawn, while cutting back on water usage and maintenance costs!  Here are a couple of ideas:

Artificial Turf:

Artificial Turf began in the 1960s in the sports industry. More and more stadiums were being enclosed and owners needed to find a new, synthetic material to replace the grass that would not grow indoors. Artificial turf was born and has taken the sports world by storm. Today, artificial turf is becoming more common in residential applications because it is easy to maintain, it’s cleaner than sod, it can be used in almost any situation, and it always looks good.  Although the initial cost is typically more than sod, artificial turf will pay for itself in just a few short years due to the savings in water, fertilizer, and maintenance costs. It also has built in UV protection so it will not fade over time and it can last for many years, depending on use. At John Madison Landscape, we warranty our artificial turf for 8 years.  Also, the science of artificial turf has come a long way since the 1960s and today there are many different varieties of artificial turf grass, each with its own shade, thickness, and texture. Be sure to look at samples before you make a selection!


Another alternative to grass is gravel. Gravel is maintenance free and is much more cost effective than sod. Aesthetically, it is best used in smaller areas of the property that are difficult to mow. In addition, if you are thinking of making a pathway through your lawn, gravel is a great option because it looks great, drains well, and can add a unique visual interest.  There are many different types of gravel that vary in size and color. In addition, gravel is used a lot in the practice of xeriscaping, which focuses on limiting the amount of water used in a landscape by utilizing drought tolerant plants and well drained materials. As a result, gravel will quickly pay for itself in water savings.


Patios are perfect for the backyard and can cut down on the amount of lawn maintenance you have to do. By installing a patio, you get more living space and less hassle as far as weeding and mowing is concerned. Also, patios can be used in conjunction with artificial turf, gravel, and other materials that can make your yard easy to maintain and beautiful. You can also personalize your patio to fit your needs and tastes by adding landscape elements such as fire pits, furniture, and outdoor kitchens.

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