Landscape Lighting Solutions

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With daylight savings time ending this weekend, you may be wondering how you and your family will spend time outside with the sun setting so early. The solution to your problem could be landscape lighting. Adding lighting to an exterior space not only increases the amount of time you can enjoy it; but, it also adds safety and beauty. Here is a quick breakdown of ten of the most popular types of landscape lighting:

Uplighting-Directional Viewing- You can use this light to highlight a focal pointsuch as an accent tree or trellis. These lights are typically placed at an



Uplighting for 360 viewing– Place light directly under and object, like a tree, to accent it.

Moonlighting-By placing lights in the branches of trees at different angles, the trees will have shadows cast on it, accenting branching patterns and color.

Silhouette Lighting– Aim a light through a tree and against a wall to cast a shadow of the branches on the wall. This lighting is not exclusive to trees. It can be used for other types of focal points, like sculptures.

Spotlighting– Place a light above a focal point to accent it. For instance, lights could be placed on a tree branch or on the eve of a house to accent a pergola or water feature.

Spreadlighting– Use spreadlighting in planting beds to provide light to groundcovers and shrubs.

Pathlighting– Pathlighting makes paths visible and safe at night.

Step & Deck Lighting– Recess lights in the risers of stairs to accent the vertical change and to make them more visible and safe.

Wall Lighting– At night, walls typically disappear. They can be made more noticeable by recessing lighting in the wall.

Water Feature Lighting

Water Feature Lighting– Similar to walls, water tends to disappear at night with no lighting. Lighting can be recessed within the walls or base of a fountain or placed outside the fountain. Lighting a water feature will also accent the materials of the water feature, such as mosaic tiles or natural stone.

This is just a sample of the effects that can be achieved with landscape lighting. If you want to learn more or if you are interested in a free estimate for your property, email us or call us at 407-935-9151.