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Concrete pavers with a pergola

As the month of November quickly comes to an end, you are probably noticing the change in the weather and looking for excuses to spend time out of doors.  In Florida, the weather affords us the opportunity to use our outdoor patio space year-round.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, maybe you are looking for ways to enhance your yard and make it a more usable space. Here at John Madison Landscape, we would recommend considering expanding your outdoor patio space or creating an outdoor entertaining space. There are many ways to accomplish this through the use of hardscape. Here is a basic breakdown a few popular types of hardscape:

Concrete Pavers: Concrete pavers are very versatile and because they are made of  manufactured material, they can be a very wide range of colors and styles. When you select a color for your concrete paver, be sure to have them sealed so that they do not fade overtime.  They are also one of the most cost effective types of hardscape and one of the toughest, some varieties being able to withstand not only pedestrian, but vehicular traffic.

Brick: Brick offers a more natural solution than concrete pavers. They offer less color varieties than concrete because they are made from clay. However, because clay is a natural substance, it never fades or loses its color due to sunlight exposure. In addition, brick can be laid in a variety of patterns and offers a mid-range pricing solution.


Natural Stone: Natural stone hardscape is made from natural materials such as limestone or sandstone, to name a few. There are hundreds of varieties so there is definitely a natural stone to fit your taste. They are durable and can hold up in the harshest of climates. They are usually a more expensive option than concrete or brick but they require almost no maintenance and they offer a unique visual appeal. One very popular type of natural stone is flagstone. Because each stone is a unique shape, flagstone can be used in almost area, regardless of size or shape. From large patios to stepping stones set on top of gravel, flagstone has countless uses and would certainly be a unique addition to your home’s landscape.

All of the types of hardscape listed above can be used in association with other types of hardscape elements to add visual interest to your yard. Features such as steps, walls, pergolas, fire pits, outdoor furniture, and lighting can turn your yard into a unique, functional outdoor room for your family to enjoy. If you have any questions or if are interested in scheduling a free estimate, click here or give us a call at 407-935-9151.