How to create a kid-friendly garden

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Here at John Madison Landscape, one of the most common questions our customers ask is how to make their yard more kid-friendly. Having an outdoor area that is an enjoyable place for children to be able to run around and let their imagination flow is an important goal for most parents. There’s no doubt that there are both physical and developmental benefits to children spending time outdoors, and by creating an outdoor space where they can explore and play, you’ll be benefiting them in the long run. Children enjoy play-spaces where there is opportunity for exploration, challenge, interaction, and learning. Incorporating some of the following ideas will help make your outdoor space an area your child(ren) will love!

  • Add small focal points of water. Kids love playing with water, and having a water feature or fountain will be sure to entertain your kids for hours. Bird baths are especially popular with children because they love to interact with birds and small animals, and this will in turn increase their curiosity in nature.
  • Another way to peak their interest in nature is to attract an animal all kids love: butterflies. Here at John Madison Landscape, we actually have a garden package designed specifically for attracting butterflies. In addition, planting trees and shrubs native to Central Florida will help in attracting wildlife to your outdoor space.
  • Create places that will inspire movement, such as trees for climbing or open grassy areas for running and being active. Landscape with stones and logs that they can climb and balance on. Add movable parts like sand, sticks, or rocks that can be used for role playing or imagination games.
  • Kids love cubbies and places they can hide. Add refuges like a fort, or simply place an outdoor table and chairs in a quiet corner. You can always use tents for temporary dwellings, or create a sort of secret pathway where they can walk or ride their bikes.

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  • Don’t be afraid to include some educational elements in your yard! Kids will be having so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning. We suggest creating signposts for your plants, or adding an art sculpture of some sort. You can also plant a sort of interactive garden with/for them. An edible garden, a perfume garden (full of good-smelling plants), or a touch garden (with plants just begging to be touched) are all proven to be kid approved.


Try incorporating some of these ideas in your own garden and let us know your favorites! If you are interested in making your yard more kid-friendly, or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call us at 407-935-9151 or click here.