Landscaping and the rain

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With all the rain Central Florida has been getting this past week, we at John Madison Landscape thought this would be a great time to give our lovely customers and JML family some helpful tips for landscaping in and with the rain. Heavy rains can actually be a great thing for your yard, as long as you are prepared for it and have your plants and landscape in the ideal areas.

First of all, the most important aspect of dealing with your lawn is making sure you don’t have a drainage issue for when we get those heavy rains. Drainage problems can range from defective gutters to standing water in your lawn or garden. If you have large puddles, your yard gets too swampy, or there is water rushing towards your house every time it rains, then you probably need a professional to come out and take a look at it. Here at John Madison Landscape we install French drains, non-perforated pipe, catch basins, or dry river beds in areas needed.

French drain

Hopefully your yard is designed in such a way that rainfall will serve to irrigate your plants. You want to be able to use the rain to feed your plants and trees instead of bombard them. When it rains, you need to know how the rain is distributed across your yard.  All you need to do is take a little walk around your yard the next time it rains. Observe where the rain gathers into puddles and where it is draining to. If you feel as though your lawn is not designed in a such a way that rainfall is beneficial to your plants, contact us at John Madison Landscape to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. As John once said, “Thank goodness for the rain. It can sure set a landscape project back, but we need the rain!”