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What if you could increase your home’s property value by $37,000 in one weekend? That’s exactly what we did for homeowners Joe and Heidi when John Madison Landscape made our premiere on A&E‘s “Fix This Yard.”

The Audubon Park homeowners had a sandpit for their front yard, with no time or plan to fix it up since having a baby a year ago. The neighbors have had enough, and the chair of the Audubon Park Garden District finally turned them in to “Fix This Yard“. Hosts Amy Devers and Alan Luxmore showed up to help bring their property value back up, and called us to help them out!

John Madison Landscape started by excavating some dead trees from the front so that we could lay sod down which would add some green to the yard. Joe and Heidi initially wanted to add a second planter box to the front to match the first, but doing so would have caused them to go over their $8,000 budget, so instead we added three plant levels on each side of the house to add some depth. Next, we had to do something about their current cement walkway that led… nowhere. We decided to go with pavers since that would help them stay within their budget. And instead of the walkway leading straight from the front door to the street, we did an “L-shape” to add aesthetic appeal, with a Mexican beach pebble accent in the middle, per Amy‘s suggestion.


Joe then wanted to surprise Heidi with an extra something for the yard. He and Alan decided to build an arbor that would add a focal point to the front. We also had to convince our homeowners to add some more black accents to the house to make it “pop” a little more, and once it was all said and done, the house looked amazing! One broken irrigation pipe and a late night of arbor building later, their house was reappraised and came back at $37,000 more than its initial value, way above the average price of the neighborhood. Not too bad for a weekend’s worth of work!

To watch Joe and Heidi’s full episode, please click on the links below:

Video 1

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