Halloween Landscaping

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Now that it’s October here in Central Florida, the buzz about fall can be heard all around. Everywhere from Starbucks to the theme parks, pumpkin fragrances and the talk of autumn can be found, even if the weather doesn’t quite feel like it yet! Along with the month of October comes Halloween, and the beginning of 3 months of yard-decorating holidays. If you are looking for ideas of how to do your yard this year, read here for some advice from John Madison Landscape on how to make the most out of your space:

Some of the design principles used in arranging your plants for your everyday landscape are also applicable when setting up your Halloween yard decorations. One example is the importance of one focal point that will receive the most attention in order to achieve the best display. If you’re concentrating on a spooky theme, make the most gruesome element your focal point, and make sure the rest of your Halloween yard decorations are understated. If you prefer a more traditional or toned-down look, consider using something like a scarecrow or nylon inflatable as your focal point instead.

To draw even more attention to your focal point, you can borrow another landscape design principle: a group of something is more effective at catching one’s eye. For example, if you have several pumpkins or cornstalks at your disposal, put some of that color to use by grouping at least three of them (preferably of different heights) near your focal point.

Repetition is another landscape design principle that can be used in this project. Repeating the use of an item in a few places on a property ties the whole landscape together, giving it unity. In addition to using one item as a focal point, consider framing the driveway entrance or the front door with the same item. Halloween landscape should show creativity, so don’t forget about planting fall flowers. Marigolds are a good example, because they bloom in the classic autumn colors: orange, yellow, gold, etc. For more Halloween landscaping ideas, or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, click here or call 407-935-9151.