Artificial Turf

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If you’re like most of our customers, you have some growing questions about artificial turf as it continues to gain popularity. As the product’s realistic look has improved, an increasing number of cities and homeowners associations are allowing it. There are many grades of artificial turf, ranging from inexpensive to more costly, but the average cost is roughly $10 per square foot. While quite a bit more of an initial investment than your average sod job, it will pay for itself on most applications within 5 years. No watering, no mowing, no fertilizing, and no bugs! It is friendly to both the environment and pets, and still absorbs up to 37 inches of rain per hour.

Imagine a putting green in your own backyard!

While some cities frown on the idea, others have embraced it for saving water and money, and for keeping nitrates from fertilizers and poisons from pesticides out of the ground water. While initially used solely for sports fields, artificial turf can be a better solution for any environment that is particularly hostile to natural grass, such as an dry environment or one where there is little to no sunlight. It’s ideal for holiday, vacation, or rental homes when maintenance of lawns is not practical or desired. We’ve also found it to be a solution for elderly homeowners who find the upkeep of lawns to be too much work. It is perfect for surrounding swimming pools and for roof gardens.

We can help you achieve your goal of perfect grass! We here at John Madison Landscape provide superior artificial turf to our customers by partnering with top manufacturers throughout the country. Click here to read more about this growing trend, and if you’d like to see some samples or receive an estimate on artificial turf at your home, click here or give us a call at 407-935-9151.