Landscaping in a hurricane

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With all the talk this week about Hurricane Irene and whether or not it will affect Central Florida, we here at John Madison Landscape thought it would be a good time to share with you some advice on how to prepare your yard for a hurricane. Obviously protecting, you, your family, and your home are of the utmost importance, but we also wanted to give you some insight on how to help your yard out during a tough time while keeping everyone safe.

  • Bring inside any lawn ornaments, flags, wreaths, chairs, lawnmowers, or other small garden objects. Even mild winds and rain can cause damage to expensive lawn equipment if left outside.
  • Make sure garage and shed doors are secured. These can become a very big hazard if they come off their hinges during a storm.
  • Stake any tall flowers or plants, and gather any flowers, fruits, or vegetables that are ripe enough to be picked.
  • Ensure pool covers are secured properly. Bring in pool chairs and furniture.
  • Have large trees inspected for root damage, rotting, loose limbs, etc. to ensure they will not fall or break off during heavy winds.

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  • If you have a drainage issue or experience flooding during rainfall, have a professional like John Madison Landscape come out and take a look at what options you have for a drainage system such as a French drain.
  • If your yard has a slope or if you live near water, you may have to prepare for a flood. John Madison Landscape can also come out to look at excavating or grading your yard so that it is even, which will also help with drainage problems. Heed all local authorities’ warnings for evacuations.

Since we are smack dab in the middle of hurricane season, it is best to take steps to prepare your landscape for a major storm in the same way you would protect anything else in your home. That way, if a heavy storm or hurricane hits, your yard will be just as prepared as you are! If you think you may have an issue with your drainage or a sloped yard that you would like one of our professional designers to come give you a free estimate, please call us at 407-935-9151 or click here.