Xeriscape Garden Package

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A popular package we offer here at John Madison Landscape is our Xeriscape package. Xeriscape refers to landscaping in such a way that your yard doesn’t need additional water through an irrigation system. It is typically popular in climates that don’t get a lot of rain or don’t have an abundant supply of water. Xeriscaping is usually associated with adding rock and drought-resistant plants to your yard instead of opting for grass and flowers. The xeriscape package uses a few different plants that will thrive with little to no water, and we will outline them here for you:

  • Bulbine Hallmark Tangerine is a water efficient groundcover perennial native to the desert grasslands of South Africa. It has cylindrical, fleshy leaves that are 3 to 5 inches long and usually upright. Bulbine frutescens grows well in well-drained soil and it is also very tolerant of poor, dry soil. Be careful not to over water.
  • Agaveis a single, short-stemmed plant that is adaptable to either full sun or partial shade. It grows well in sand, clay or other heavy soils and needs good drainage. They are very low maintenance and can be planted on the challenging side of a house where it will be exposed to sun in the summer and shade in the winter.

    Agave - Photo courtesy of www.healthfreedomnetwork.com

  • Crape Myrtles are naturally found in warmer climates around the world. They are very hardy and drought-resistant, and tolerate the heat quite well. They are a great way to add color to a xeriscape garden, as they are known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers.
  •  Holly Tree Weeping Yaupon is a beautiful evergreen tree that is drought-tolerant and can be exposed to sun or partial shade. It does require consistently moist soil when it’s young, but once it’s established it requires very little water. Small red berries grow on it during the winter that are harmful if consumed by humans, but are great for birds and for bringing wildlife to your yard.
  •  Nandina Heavenly Bamboois actually not bamboo at all. It is instead a shrub with numerous stems coming from the roots. Its big draw is that it continually changes color throughout the year. It requires only annual pruning if you wish, and can grow in partial shade, but for a more vibrant display during the fall months, plant it in direct sunlight.

    Muhly grass - Photo courtesy of www.klru.org

  • Muhly grass is extremely drought tolerant and needs moderate to little water. Once established, it requires no care.  It grows in a clump 2-4 feet wide and 1-2 feet tall. The purplish flowering spikes stand above the foliage and they can be up to 5 feet tall.
  • Loropetalum plum has long, twig-like branches and should be planted in partial shade or full sun. This is another great way to add color to your xeriscape garden because the plum loropetalums have purple colored leaves in a striking color. They are drought-tolerant and are excellent for around rocks or paths.

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