The Delaney Yard Goes Disney featuring John Madison Landscape.

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In the latest episode of HGTV‘s “My Yard Goes Disney,” John Madison Landscape was able to transform the Delaney family’s backyard into an awesome pirate themed oasis.  On June 27th, John Madison Landscape wrapped up the last episode of this hit HGTV show.  All four episodes this season were based in Orlando, and each and every family was overcome with joy as they saw the finished products.  John Madison Landscape felt privileged to be selected to be apart of this larger-than-life landscaping project.  John, the owner of John Madison Landscape felt that the Delaney project was by far the most creative and intricate project of the four episodes they assisted with.

The designer’s of HGTV‘s “My Yard Goes Disney,” were sure that Ella, Noah and Will would love the new pirate themed backyard oasis that they would create for them.  The designers already knew that the three five-year-olds were already intrigued with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  So what better backyard theme, than pirates?

The landscape cowboys (aka Landscapers) at John Madison Landscape started the Delaney project by leveling the steep yard in order to create a new support wall for the patio and play areas.  While the giant splash pool was under construction, John Madison Landscape began building the steps and retaining walls using lots of concrete and stone.  Next John Madison Landscape built the tropical aspect of the pirate themed paradise.  The Delaney’s previously barren backyard began to fill in with 25 ft Queen Palms, numerous Chinese Fan Palms, and dozens of other tropical plant life to get the pirate feel to it.  To soften the harsh look of the stone sitting wall, John Madison Landscape placed several plants in front of the paver patio to create a sweeping effect.

Once the pirate features were installed and the pool was completed, the finishing touches began!  An outdoor HDTV was placed in the sitting area along with old wine barrels that were converted into chairs for the kids to sit and relax in.  Both kids and parents alike were in love with the finished product presented by John Madison Landscape & HGTV.  The parents were a little worried that they’d have a hard time getting the kids to come back inside the house with such an awesome outdoor space.

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