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There are many questions a new gardener may have when planting their first garden.  Here at John Madison Landscape we hear them all, one favorite questions  is “When is the best time to prune”? First lets make sure you to know the difference between pruning and deadheading.

Pruning is most commonly relegated to perennial plants, those that last in our garden longer than one season. Annuals, on the other hand, don’t need to be pruned but may require deadheading (the removal of spent blooms to encourage another flourish within the same season).

Pruning tip: When you’re going to prune your plants, you always want to make sure that you always go to a fork in the stem, and that’s basically where you want to cut the plant. Also, when you go to cut it, you want to cut it in the direction of the angle that you want the new growth to grow.

Pruning roses: February is the best month to prune your roses to remove damaged canes and improve the overall form. After pruning, fertilize and apply a fresh layer of mulch. Blooming will begin eight to nine weeks after pruning.

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