Artificial Turf Q and A

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More and more people are turning to artificial turf for their yards. But does it really work? What about drainage? Cost? Pets? John Madison Landscape will answer all your questions about artificial turf here!

How does the grass drain?
Our grass has rows of perforations throughout which allows the water to pass through at a rate of 30 inches per hour. But once the sub-base is saturated the water will flow with the natural grade.  We recommend a grade of at least 1% – 2% and combination of surface and sub-surface drains to keep the water from puddling.

Will the grass get hot?
Artificial grass does not stay as cool as real grass, but our STF Infill System will keep your grass significantly cooler than so-called “non-infill” turfs and grasses infilled with crumb rubber. Crumb rubber does provide a nice soft surface but will retain and radiate heat, especially in direct sun on hot days.

Can the STF Infill harm children or pets?
No, the STF Infill System is made of acrylic coated sand that is non-porous, non-toxic, and contains no heavy metals (i.e. lead). and will not harm children or pets if swallowed. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

Will the grass grow mold or mildew?
Both the grass blades and the backing are non-organic and non-absorbent. The porous turf and sub-base are designed to pass water straight through, so mold and mildew is not an issue.

Can the grass catch fire?
No, synthetic grasses are considered non-flammable and have a very high flashpoint. Cigarettes and cigars may singe the glass blades but the damaged blades can be clipped away.

Even though the warranty is 8 years, your grass is expected to last at least 15 – 20 years.

What about bugs?
Synthetic grass is just that, synthetic. It does not contain organic material which bugs need for shelter and food.

I have problems with gophers & moles. Will that still be the case with artificial grass?

Gophers, moles, & voles are after roots.  Since we remove their food supply (i.e. grass roots) and add a compacted layer of gravel and fines they will not have any reason to stick around.

Will my lawn furniture or the children’s play structure hurt the grass?

Nope, when you move your lawn furniture around simply broom the flattened grass and it is as good as new.

Can synthetic turf and value to my home or business?

Definitely, a water efficient and low maintenance landscape saves money on water and maintenance. To potential buyers and investors, these savings translate into a great investment.

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