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The New Year is FLYING by and we are busier than ever here at John Madison Landscape. We wanted to share some of the projects we are working on with you. There are quite a few ideas that are becoming popular around Central Florida so we thought you might want to know what’s trending in your neighborhood.


Driveway Widening: Driveway widening is exactly what it sounds like. We have done several driveway widenings recently. Typically, we add a paver border along the edge of the concrete or paver driveway so that the driveway extends the length of the house instead of just to the corners of the garage door. Not only is the end result beautiful, it also adds to the functionality of your driveway. Here’s an example of a driveway widening using a paver border.


Click the image for a larger view.

Screen Removal: In Central Florida, almost everyone that has a pool, has a pool screen. Pool screens are very functional and important. However, in certain situations, removing your pool screen can liberate your pool and really add to the overall beauty of your backyard. Here is an example what can happen when you remove a pool screen from a project we completed recently.





 Artificial Turf: Artificial turf has been around for a while but more and more people are beginning to see the many benefits of this product.  While it does have a higher upfront cost than sod, you will quickly see a return on your investment. Having less or even no sod on your property reduces your maintenance, water, and fertilizer costs, as well as, eliminating the time and energy you spend keeping your sod looking good. In addition, artificial turf is perfect for areas that do not get enough sunlight to sustain grass or for a play area for kids or pets. Here are some photos of artificial turf in action.


Perfect for that corner that does not seem to get enough light for sod to grow!



Looks good all year!

In-ground Trampolines: This is a fairly new idea that has been popularized on several home improvement TV shows. An in-ground trampoline is simply a trampoline that is inserted into the ground to be flush with the existing grade. It’s a pretty cool concept and we have gotten several calls just this month about them! Look for a photo soon!


If you have any questions about the trending landscape ideas in Central Florida or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, please contact us or call us at 407-935-9151!