Add Some Color to your Spring!

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Well, it appears that in Central Florida our winter is coming to an end. The time between the end of winter and early spring is an important transitional period for your plants. You may think that the word ‘transitional’ means that your plants might not be at their best right now but, for some plants, this is their blooming season. Here is a list of some of our favorite plants for early spring color:


Camellias are the perfect plant to have around this time of year. They are evergreen so while their deciduous counterparts are leafless, the camellia retains its beautiful glossy, dark green leaves. Also, camellias bloom in late winter to early spring and, depending on the variety, have bright pink, white, or red flowers.


If you see a plant with plum colored foliage and bright fuchsia flowers around town right now, you are probably wondering what it is because nothing looks like it. That shrub is Loropetalum or Chinese Fringe Bush. It retains that purple foliage year round but in early spring this plant adds a spectacular splash of color to any landscape.


Azalea is one of the most beloved plants of the south. It can grow quite large and every year around late February to early March begins to flower. There are many different varieties and their flowers come in shades ranging from pink to white to purple. One azalea bush can have more than a hundred blooms on it so it is the perfect plant if you are trying to make a statement in a small area. If you are driving around town in the next few weeks, you should begin to see some blooming azaleas.


At the Mount Dora Arts Festival last weekend, we had several people ask us, “What is the name of that beautiful yellow tree blooming around town?” That plant is called a Tabebuia and it can come in yellow or a pink-purple variety. These are deciduous plants so around this time of year they have no leaves but are in full bloom so they are just a wall of color. They are stunning and one of our favorite trees.

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