Bamboo is Awesome!

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The Importance of Your Home’s Orientation

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It’s the summer time. The weather is heating up, the kids are getting out of school, and you are probably planning some outdoor landscaping projects. Whether you are considering installing some shade trees, changing out a few plants, or even planting just one plant, this blog is essential to make sure that you pick the […]

Plant Villains and Superheroes

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Out of the approximately 1,000,000 animals that scientists have discovered and classified, about 800,000 are insects! The good news is that only about .5% of them are harmful to your landscape. The even better news is that some of those harmful pests can be managed with the help of all those good insects and without […]

Apply for “My Yard Goes Disney”

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Fans of HGTV’s hit new series; “My Yard Goes Disney” finally got their prayers answered. All throughout last season, fans of the show and John Madison Landscape customers alike kept asking us one thing: How can my family and I get on the show? Up until recently, the show was only looking for homeowners in […]

The Delaney Yard Goes Disney featuring John Madison Landscape.

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In the latest episode of HGTV‘s “My Yard Goes Disney,” John Madison Landscape was able to transform the Delaney family’s backyard into an awesome pirate themed oasis.  On June 27th, John Madison Landscape wrapped up the last episode of this hit HGTV show.  All four episodes this season were based in Orlando, and each and […]

My Yard Goes Disney with the Farrell Family

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On the next episode of “My Yard Goes Disney,” airing tonight at 8pm on HGTV, we met Tim & Tracey Farrell and their children. They are all Disney, all the time, both on land and at sea. The whole family says that the memory of spending a week on a Disney cruise line was “the […]

My Yard Goes Disney

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We are so excited that the brand new television series on HGTV, “My Yard Goes Disney,” just began airing yesterday! John Madison Landscape was chosen to take on the challenge of transforming four Orlando area backyards into Disney-themed getaways. From Mickey-shaped pools to a hand powered train that leads to Grandma’s house next door, there […]