Happy New Year! But what’s next?

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Happy New Year! It is a fresh new year and a good time to start with those resolutions. What are some of the ways that you will keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Most New Year’s Resolutions involve in some degree to live healthier, live more fugal, and become less stressful in a stressful world, or to be happier or more joyful about yourself and with your life. But how are you going to do all of these goals? And is there a way that you can help complete all these tasks at the same time? Why not recycle?  I am not talking about separating all the plastic vs paper and put them in that extra bin for the city to pick up once a week. What I’m talking about is using that “Bang for the Buck”.

Show the world or your neighbors that you know how to use your money in smart ways. A lot of the trash or things that you throw away can be used in many more ways than what you are using them for. Some of the things that you can reuse are things like mason jars for decorations, used wine bottles for Tiki torches in your yard, that Sunday paper for weed barrier in you new planters,  and if you invest in a decomposer you can use your leftover food and your yard waste for make rich nitrogen fertilizer for your plants. That in itself is saving you a lot of money. And besides, it clears your kitchen from that smell from your waste bin and invites that fresh air scent.

Mizer_Residence_2_23_13_001There are a lot of ways that you can recycle your waste, save a lot of money and even gain some property value doing it. The next step for you is to either research ways to do all of this or to give us a call to assist you in becoming more creative in your yard. We want to help you discover your environments hidden beauty.